$0 Zero Down Car Leases Are Back 2016

zero down car leasesThis month there are just a few car makes and models with special car lease deals being offered with no money down. That’s $0 due at lease signing — not even the first month’s payment.

These are often called “sign and drive” leases. Lexus and Honda have the most no-money-down leases right now followed by Acura and Mazda. Check this page often because zero down leases come and go frequently.

Most zero-down lease deals allow 12,000 miles per year with the exception of those from Lexus and Acura which allow 10,000 per year. Honda actually offers their leases both ways — with a down payment, which makes for a lower monthly payment, and without a down payment.

Actually, almost any car lease can be had with or without a down payment, but you may not be able to get special promotional deals without money down unless the deal specifically makes that offer. All the promotional deals listed below do make the offer. Making no down payment doesn’t change the value of the deal. However, since you are not pre-paying some of your financed lease amount, your payments will be a bit higher.

The deals listed here from Lexus and Mazda end June 30, 2016. Acura and Honda will run their deals through July 5, 2016.  Here are the current (June 2016) $0 down sign-and-drive lease deals, listed in alphabetical order:

2016AcuraTLX 8 speed35390
2016HondaAccord Sedan LX35240
2016HondaAccord Coupe LX35260
2016HondaCivic Sedan LX35230
2016HondaCivic Coupe LX35250
2016HondaCR-V 2WD35280
2016HondaCR-V AWD35300
2016HondaOdyssey LX35320
2016LexusIS 200T36379
2016LexusIS 350 36529
2016LexusES 35036419
2016LexusGS 200T36489
2016LexusGS 35036669
2016LexusCT Hybrid36349
2016LexusES Hybrid36489
2016 LexusNX 200T36399
2016LexusGX 46036609
2016MazdaMX-5 Miata36407

If you don’t understand how car leasing works, or how to determine if you are a good leasing candidate, please visit our sister web site, LeaseGuide.com. You will find all the information, advice, calculators, and tips you’ll need to be able to lease a car with full confidence.

Also know that these special lease deals require a good credit score. If you don’t know your most recent FICO credit score, you should get it. What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at Experian.com! Don’t let car dealers know more about your credit than you know yourself.

Whether you lease or buy, you need the lowest possible price on your car. We recommend you get prices online for the car you are interested in. We recommend TrueCar because they make it so easy. They tell you what other people are paying for the car you want and then give you a low price guarantee that you can take to your local dealer and get that price, without haggling. No stress, no pain.


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