Car Deals Without Negotiating

Internet car dealsMost people really hate the process of buying a new car.

It’s because they know that car dealers have the advantage in price negotiations. Dealers do it all day every day, while the average car buying customer only does it once every few years. Customers who have better bargaining skills get the best prices.

However, in the last few years since the coming of the Internet, car sale prices don’t vary as much as in the past. This has happened because automotive consumers are increasingly using the Internet as a means of gathering the information they need to make them better deal-makers.

Car manufacturers and dealers now realize that potential customers are using the power of the Internet to do pre-purchase research and price comparisons. Since almost everyone has access to this information, there is less opportunity for dealers to manipulate prices — and less need for customers to negotiate prices.

In fact, most dealers now participate in Internet Pricing Networks through which they offer their best deals, knowing that customers are also getting and comparing deals from other dealers. These deals include any rebates or incentives currently being offered by manufacturers, plus discounts directly from the dealer.

Internet Pricing Networks, such as, have relationships with dealers in every area of the U.S.. When someone requests price quotes for a particular make/model vehicle, multiple dealers in the customer’s area respond with their price offers. Customers then select the best offer and visit the dealer to pick up their car and close the deal.

We are often asked if the prices from Internet Pricing Services are the absolute best prices that can be had from offering dealers. Maybe, maybe not. If a deal includes a heavy dose of manufacturer-supplied rebates and bonuses (which a dealer has no ability to change), you probably won’t get a much better deal if you try some additional negotiating.  However, it never hurts to try for a better deal, though you might end up spending a lot of effort for little gain.

The bottom line is that you now can — with the help of the Internet — get a fair deal on a brand new car without the hassle and stress of old-fashioned head-banging negotiating.


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