Car Leases Less Than $300 – 2017-2018 Models

lease deals less than 400There are over a hundred special lease deals for less than $300 a month offered every month from different car companies. In fact, of all promotional leases being offered by car manufacturers, the majority fall into the range of $200 – $299 a month.

These no-haggle deals are put together by combining a discounted vehicle price with a higher-than-normal lease-end residual value, and a low finance rate (money factor). The deals are usually only offered for one month, although month-to-month extensions are not uncommon.

Since customers can only negotiate price, but not residual and money factor, these deals are always better than could be independently negotiated for a normal lease.

Special lease offers from car manufacturers are genuinely excellent (often, outstanding) deals that are “subvented” (subsidized) by car companies and offered nationally through dealers for those companies. Not all of a car company’s vehicle models and styles will be offered with special leases during a given month. If a particular model or style is not included, dealers are not authorized to extend the offers to other vehicles.

Current Car Lease Deals – Less Than $300 Per Month

Here are examples of special lease deals for the current month for which the monthly payment is less than $300. Since we already list deals for less than $200 (Best Car Leases Under $200) we won’t duplicate that list here. All these deals have rated Good or Excellent, or Outstanding, by

This month we feature special lease deals from Buick, Chrysler and Nissan.  These deals will end January 31, 2018 for both Buick and Chrysler. Nissan offers will end on . Both Chrysler and Nissan offer up to 12,000 miles per year on their leases.  Buick offers up to 10,000 miles per year.  These special lease deals are all on current 2017 and 2018 models.  To see current lease offers for other car makers, go to their web site and look for “Current Offers” under Shopping Tools on the main menu.


Buick Regal Sport (2017) $259/month, 39 months, $2949 due at signing

Buick Envision (2017) - $299/month, 36 months, $5139 due at signing

Buick Envision (2018)  - $299/month, 36 months, $5479 due at signing


Chrysler Pacifica (2017)  - $269/month, 42 months, $2999 due at signing

Chrysler Pacifica (2018)  - $279/month, 42 months, $2999 due at signing


Nissan Maxima (2017)  - $259/month, 36 months, $3999 due at signing

Nissan LEAF (2017)  - $229/month, 36 months, $2799 due at signing

Nissan Murano (2017)  - $259/month, 36 months, $3899 due at signing

Nissan Pathfinder (2017)  - $279/month, 36 months, $3589 due at signing

Nissan Pathfinder (2018)  - $299/month, 36 months, $3589 due at signing

Nissan Frontier (2017)  - $299/month, 36 months, $2999 due at signing





If You Don’t Find the Deal You Want?

If you don’t find the car you want being offered with a special less-than-$400 lease deal (or your credit isn’t good), you can always negotiate your own deal, based on a discounted vehicle price. You can haggle the price yourself, or use a car pricing service such as Edmunds and get an already-discounted low price on which to base your new lease. It’s the best and easiest way to shop for a car without the usual stress and hassles.

About Your Credit Score

If there’s a “catch” it’s that the special lease deals listed above are only available to “qualified” customers with good credit. Those with poor credit will not qualify and will pay higher rates, or be refused. It’s good to always know your latest FICO credit score. What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at! Don’t let car dealers surprise you with your own scores.


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