Auto Advice

$0 Zero Down Car Leases Explained

Is it possible to lease a car with no down payment?  $0 down? Absolutely. In fact most car leases, even those advertised with a “required” down payment, are also available with $0 due at signing. Of course, the monthly payment will be higher since you are not pre-paying some of the lease obligation. In general, […]

Understand How Auto Loans Work and Get the Best Deals

Unless you are paying hard cash for your new or used car, your auto loan financing can make the difference between a great deal and a bad deal. An inexperienced car buyer might assume that an auto loan is nothing more than working out an affordable monthly payment amount with his dealer. However, an affordable […]

There’s More to a Car Deal Than Price

As automobile consumers, we tend to focus on price or monthly payment as the most important factor of any deal. However, there are other factors that should be considered as well. Add-on costs When you buy a brand new car, you always take the trip into the F&I (Finance and Insurance) manager’s office to sign your papers. […]

Great Car Deals – or Dealer Scams?

Car buyers often ask if the great new car deals being advertised on TV and in newspapers are some kind of “bait-and-switch” scam by dealers and if they can actually expect to get the deals if they go to a dealer. The short answer is, yes, these are legitimate good deals and are not dealer scams. Here’s why. […]

How to Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

Auto insurance is one of those necessary evils of owning and driving cars. Most states require at least some liability  insurance to protect other people in case you cause an accident. Although the laws don’t require you have collision or comprehensive coverage, most auto loan companies and banks do. Keep in mind that car insurance […]

Buy a Car – Skip the Dealer

If one asks oneself why one must go to a car dealer to buy a new car, one would come up with the following answer. Most people go to car dealers because they want to know about that dealer’s brand of cars, what models are offered, what options are available, about gas mileage and safety […]

Should You Lease Your Next Car?

Car leasing has made a big comeback after a couple of years in the doldrums during the Great Recession. Over 25% of new cars are now leased. The reason that leasing took a slide is not that automotive consumers didn’t want it; car manufacturers (especially American manufacturers) lost their shirts by being too agressive with […]

Best Cars – And Worst Cars

Buying a new or used car can be an overwhelming task when trying to buy the best car for your needs. There are simply too many choices. Which are the most reliable? Which are the safest? Which are the best values for the money? Which have the most comfortable ride and handling? How about price […]

Why Car Leasing Is NOT Like Apartment Leasing

It’s unfortunate that the car business uses the same term “leasing” as the apartment business. It causes confusion. It makes them sound like the same thing, which they are not. It causes uninformed people to give bad advice to other uninformed people based on wrong impressions. We see it all the time. Online advice forums […]

New Way to Best Car Deals

Knowing what to pay for a new car can be confusing and frustrating. Everyone knows they shouldn’t have to pay full MSRP sticker price. But just what is the “right” price and how do we know if we’re really getting a good deal? It would help to know how much dealers are discounting prices, and whether there […]

What is GAP Insurance? Why is it Important?

Many car buyers (and leasers) have never heard of GAP insurance. But it should be an important consideration in any car buying or leasing process. What is gap insurance? Why would you need it? Let’s say you bought a new car and paid $30,000. You made $2000 down payment and financed the remaining $28,000 with an auto […]

Five Things to Know About Car Deals

Five important things to know about car deals 1. Dealers must make a profit and therefore can’t sell cars below their wholesale cost (invoice price) — except when the dealers’ car companies (manufacturers) sweeten deals on particular vehicles, with incentives such as rebates and bonuses. Since the incentive money doesn’t come from dealers’ pockets, dealers can sell […]

Calculating Car Lease Deals

If you have ever leased a car, or are thinking about leasing, have you wondered if a dealer is doing the math correctly on the lease contract form? Is the monthly payment amount correct, given the price of the car, the residual, and other charges? It’s not uncommon for there to be “mistakes” in lease […]

Best Deals Are On Best Cars

Getting a great deal on a not-so-great car is not really a great deal at all. If a car is uncomfortable to drive, is not dependable, has lack-luster performance, or doesn’t fully meet the needs of the buyer, it’s not a good buy, regardless of what kind of bargain price is paid. The best car […]

Should You Buy New or Used?

It wasn’t that long ago that making a money-saving choice between buying a brand new car and used car was a no-brainer. Prior to 2009 used cars were relatively inexpensive, on average, based on a large supply fueled by trade-ins, lease returns, rental car replacements, and fleet turnover— all driven by a good economy. Likewise, brand new […]

Auto Insurance Can Affect Your Car Deal

Most new car buyers don’t think about the cost of auto insurance until after the purchase, which can often be a mistake. As you may already know, the cost of car insurance can vary greatly between different car makes and models.  If you buy a car that has high insurance premiums, the total of your car payments and […]

What is the Best Car Brand?

We frequently hear the question, “What is the best car brand to buy?” The answer to that question: It depends. It depends on whether you’re asking about best looks, best comfort, best cargo space, best styling, best performance, best safety, best future resale value, or best reliability — or the best combination of all these […]

Buy New Car – or Used Car? Which is Better?

It’s an age-old question: Should I buy a brand new car, or buy a previously owned used car? Which is best? Which is smarter? If this question were being answered just a few years ago, it would be an easy answer: Buy a good used car. You would get more for your money. You avoided the high […]