Auto Insurance

Best Rates on Car Insurance – Explained

Most automotive consumers do at least some research before buying a new car — checking prices and incentives, looking at styles and options, comparing mileage and safety ratings, noting reliability scores and reading reviews. But many fail to consider the cost of auto insurance as part of their buying decision when, in fact, the cost […]

How to Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

Auto insurance is one of those necessary evils of owning and driving cars. Most states require at least some liability  insurance to protect other people in case you cause an accident. Although the laws don’t require you have collision or comprehensive coverage, most auto loan companies and banks do. Keep in mind that car insurance […]

Lowest Insurance Rates Make Best Car Deals

Many people buy new cars and only look at the price or monthly payment. However, overall cost of ownership also depends on other factors such as fuel economy, reliability (how frequently repairs are needed), cost of repairs, cost of scheduled maintenance, annual taxes — and auto insurance cost. After monthly payments, auto insurance is the […]

Auto Insurance Can Affect Your Car Deal

Most new car buyers don’t think about the cost of auto insurance until after the purchase, which can often be a mistake. As you may already know, the cost of car insurance can vary greatly between different car makes and models.  If you buy a car that has high insurance premiums, the total of your car payments and […]