Auto Loans

Understand How Auto Loans Work and Get the Best Deals

Unless you are paying hard cash for your new or used car, your auto loan financing can make the difference between a great deal and a bad deal. An inexperienced car buyer might assume that an auto loan is nothing more than working out an affordable monthly payment amount with his dealer. However, an affordable […]

Bad Credit Car Deals

Many people suffered credit problems during the recent recession and subsequently found it difficult, if not impossible, to get car loans and leases. That is changing — for the better. Financial companies that are associated with car dealers and manufacturers, such as Honda Finance, Toyota Finance, and Ford Credit, are now easing credit requirements that have been tight […]

New Car – Lease or Buy – Explained

When getting a new car, is it better to buy or lease? Lease vs buy? What are the pros and cons of each? It’s a question we hear all the time. However, the answer is not that simple. One way is better for some people, the other way is better for others. Both leasing and […]

Good Credit Gets Best Car Deals

Unless you plan to pay cash for your next car purchase, your credit score will play a large part in your purchase or lease. You may already know that interest rates for car loans and home mortgages are currently the lowest in history. Special low-interest car loans are common, as are 0% APR (no interest) […]

Buy a Car – Skip the Dealer

If one asks oneself why one must go to a car dealer to buy a new car, one would come up with the following answer. Most people go to car dealers because they want to know about that dealer’s brand of cars, what models are offered, what options are available, about gas mileage and safety […]