Best Car Deals

Car Leases Less Than $300 – 2017

There are over a hundred special lease deals for less than $300 a month offered every month from different car companies. In fact, of all promotional leases being offered by car manufacturers, the majority fall into the range of $200 – $299 a month. These no-haggle deals are put together by combining a discounted vehicle price […]

Why Lease a Honda?

Honda is one of the most “lease-friendly” car brands in the U.S.. If you are looking for a good car lease deal, you won’t go wrong with a Honda. Why it that, you might ask? Why is Honda such a good brand to lease? Let’s briefly list some of the reasons and then explain them. […]

Great Car Deals – or Dealer Scams?

Car buyers often ask if the great new car deals being advertised on TV and in newspapers are some kind of “bait-and-switch” scam by dealers and if they can actually expect to get the deals if they go to a dealer. The short answer is, yes, these are legitimate good deals and are not dealer scams. Here’s why. […]

Five Ways to Get Best Car Deals – Explained

Getting the best car deals is not difficult but many people don’t know how to go about it. They end up spending much more money than they could have otherwise. Here are five things that will help you get the best deals: 1. Buy last year’s leftover models Right now,  last year’s model cars are […]

When a Good Car Deal is Not a Good Deal

You just got this great deal on a new Ford Explorer XLT in which you paid only $29,217! The MSRP sticker price was $33,795, which means you got a savings of $4578. Wow !!! That’s 13.55% below MSRP! A great deal. It’s even below dealer invoice price of $32,183. [Is this a realistic deal? Yes. How […]

Good Car Deal – or Not?

1. A car dealer offers you what seems like a good price on a brand new car. Is it a good deal or not? Should you expect to do better? There are two prices that are important to know when buying a new car. One is the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) or “sticker” price […]

Incredible Lease Deals – Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hot right now but not quite as hot as car companies, the Federal government, and state governments want.  The government wants millions of EVs on the road in the next few years to help reduce fuel dependencies and environmental damage. After a bit of a slow start, electric vehicles are picking up […]

Which Cars Offer the Best Deals?

TrueCar, an automotive industry research company, publishes a monthly report that shows sales trends and price movement for all automobile makes and models. One of our favorite parts of the report is what the company calls “Price Flex Scores,” a measure of how flexible sales transaction prices have been over the past month. If a particular model […]

Best Cars – Lowest Prices

There’s no question that cars are expensive. For most people automobiles are the second-most expensive thing they will buy in their lives — after a home. Because cars eventually wear out and must be replaced every so often, many people will actually spend more on automobiles than on places to live during their lifetime. Today’s average […]

End of Car Lease – How to Do it Right

So you’re about to come to the end of your 3-year car lease. How you handle it can make the difference between ending it as  good deal or a bad deal. You have options. Generally, at the normal end of a lease you have three options: 1. You can simply return the car to the […]

Predicting Future Best Car Deals

As any reader of this web site knows, new car incentives come and go, month to month. A particular car make and model can have great incentives one month and none the next. So what is going on that makes it work like this? Can we somehow predict when good incentives will be offered, and […]

New Way to Best Car Deals

Knowing what to pay for a new car can be confusing and frustrating. Everyone knows they shouldn’t have to pay full MSRP sticker price. But just what is the “right” price and how do we know if we’re really getting a good deal? It would help to know how much dealers are discounting prices, and whether there […]

Guaranteed Car Pricing – No Haggling Needed

Buying a new car can be a real hassle, especially the part about haggling prices with a dealer. It’s not pleasant and can be very stressful, and most people hate it. Some car companies and dealers are moving to fixed prices, which are not always great prices, but at least there are no negotiation shenanigans […]

Five Things to Know About Car Deals

Five important things to know about car deals 1. Dealers must make a profit and therefore can’t sell cars below their wholesale cost (invoice price) — except when the dealers’ car companies (manufacturers) sweeten deals on particular vehicles, with incentives such as rebates and bonuses. Since the incentive money doesn’t come from dealers’ pockets, dealers can sell […]

Car Rebates – Just the Facts

Car companies such as Ford, General Motors, Nissan and others frequently offer rebates as a way to attract customers to their vehicles. These rebates come in the form of limited-time promotional incentives that can appear, disappear, or change from month to month. Some car companies use rebates, others do not. For example, you never see […]

Best Deals Are On Best Cars

Getting a great deal on a not-so-great car is not really a great deal at all. If a car is uncomfortable to drive, is not dependable, has lack-luster performance, or doesn’t fully meet the needs of the buyer, it’s not a good buy, regardless of what kind of bargain price is paid. The best car […]

Most Reliable Car – Toyota

It’s common knowledge that reliable cars make the best overall deals. A reliable car is more dependable, costs less to maintain, and has higher resale or trade value. High resale value means lower ownership cost and better lease deals because residual values are higher. Every year Consumer Reports magazine surveys car owners and determines which […]

Cheapest Cars – Best Deals

Many people who are looking for affordable new cars will find the lowest prices on smaller vehicles. These are vehicles that offer a lot of value for the money, provide excellent gas mileage, and are cheap to insure. The lowest priced models are often base models and sacrifice engine size and expensive features. For a […]

How to Get the Best Car Deals

On this web site we write about promotional car deals and incentives being offered month to month by car companies and their dealers. The deals are usually well worth customers’ consideration and better than deals they could negotiate for themselves. These deals come in the form of cash-back rebates, bonuses, low-interest loans, factory-to-dealer cash, and special […]

High Resale Values for Best Deals

As you may already know, all new automobiles depreciate in value over time. However, some brands and models depreciate at a slower rate than others and have higher future resale values. That makes them better deals in the long term. In this article we’ll reveal the vehicles with the highest projected resale values. Why is resale […]