Best Cars

Car Brand – Does It Matter?

Many car buyers simply want a vehicle that gets them from Point A to Point B and don’t care about the brand or what company makes it. After all, isn’t one brand of car pretty much like another? To others, vehicle brand is very important — although maybe not for the right reasons. What are the […]

Best Cars – Lowest Prices

There’s no question that cars are expensive. For most people automobiles are the second-most expensive thing they will buy in their lives — after a home. Because cars eventually wear out and must be replaced every so often, many people will actually spend more on automobiles than on places to live during their lifetime. Today’s average […]

Best Deals Are On Best Cars

Getting a great deal on a not-so-great car is not really a great deal at all. If a car is uncomfortable to drive, is not dependable, has lack-luster performance, or doesn’t fully meet the needs of the buyer, it’s not a good buy, regardless of what kind of bargain price is paid. The best car […]

Most Reliable Car – Toyota

It’s common knowledge that reliable cars make the best overall deals. A reliable car is more dependable, costs less to maintain, and has higher resale or trade value. High resale value means lower ownership cost and better lease deals because residual values are higher. Every year Consumer Reports magazine surveys car owners and determines which […]

Reliability Makes Best Car Deals

A great price on a new car doesn’t necessarily make a good deal. The best deals are on car brands that have demonstrated a history of good reliability. If the car you buy proves to be unreliable and frequently needs repairs or attention it’s not a bargain. You’ll spend time and money not only for […]

Best Car Brands for Dependability

Getting a great deal on a car that is not reliable may not be such a great deal at all. It’s a fact that some car brands are more reliable than others, but which ones? Results of the new J.D. Power 2012 Vehicle Dependability Survey of thousands of actual car owners gives us the answers. J.D. […]

What is the Best Car Brand?

We frequently hear the question, “What is the best car brand to buy?” The answer to that question: It depends. It depends on whether you’re asking about best looks, best comfort, best cargo space, best styling, best performance, best safety, best future resale value, or best reliability — or the best combination of all these […]