Car Deals

0% APR Loan Deals – Good Deal or Not?

Car makers are offering 0% APR loans (zero percent interest) as incentives on many makes and models during these times of slow car sales. Sounds great. But is it really? Is it better to take cash back, if offered? Let’s take an example in which you agree to buy a car and finance $15,000 for […]

Where are the Best Car Deals 2017?

Until the last few years, the best way to get a great car deal was … to work hard for it by haggling with stubborn dealer salespeople. With plenty of luck, careful preparation,  and a heap of negotiating skill, you might get a good deal. You would increase your chances of getting a good deal […]

Where Are the Best Used Car Deals

When buying a used car, it can be somewhat difficult to know what is a good deal and what isn’t because there are many more factors involved than when buying a brand new car. If you are looking for a relatively new used car, don’t automatically assume that a brand new car of the same […]

Great Volkswagen Deals – Distress Sale Now

If you have seen any news in the last few weeks you’ll know about one of the largest car company scandals in automotive history — the VW cheating scandal. Although the effects of this problem are potentially devastating to the company, and a disappointment to existing diesel customers, it has opened up a huge opportunity for potential […]

Best Car Deals with Poor Credit

Automotive customers who have poor credit are able to get car loans much easier now than in the last couple of years. Many car companies and their associated finance companies are opening up and approving “subprime” borrowers at a pace not seen since before the recent recession. Car buyers with credit scores below 680 are […]

Best Rates on Car Insurance – Explained

Most automotive consumers do at least some research before buying a new car — checking prices and incentives, looking at styles and options, comparing mileage and safety ratings, noting reliability scores and reading reviews. But many fail to consider the cost of auto insurance as part of their buying decision when, in fact, the cost […]

First Car Deals – Buying Your First Car

Buying a first car can be an exciting event in one’s life. However, in the excitement of the moment, it’s too easy to make mistakes that are irreversible. So, it makes a lot of sense to be smart and do your homework first. Some common mistakes made by people buying a first car are: 1. […]

Credit Scores Affect Your Car Deal

Your credit score is a numerical representation of your credit history report, which includes details of all your credit accounts and loans, and how good you’ve been about paying them. It also reports any defaults, repossessions, or bankruptcies. Credit scores, which for most people falls between 400 (poor) and 800 (excellent), are a major factor in determining the […]

There’s More to a Car Deal Than Price

As automobile consumers, we tend to focus on price or monthly payment as the most important factor of any deal. However, there are other factors that should be considered as well. Add-on costs When you buy a brand new car, you always take the trip into the F&I (Finance and Insurance) manager’s office to sign your papers. […]

Cheapest Cars – Best Deals

Automotive consumers who want a brand new car at the absolute lowest price should look beyond the sticker price. Sticker price is one thing, actual selling price is another. Most new cars are sold at prices below MSRP sticker price. However, it’s easier to get good deals on some car brands and models than others, depending on […]

Zero Down Car Deals – Explained

There are a number of ways to buy a new car with no down payment. One of the best ways is to find rebate deals like the ones we talk about on this web site because a rebate can be, and usually is, applied as a down payment. For example, if you find a vehicle […]

Good Credit Gets Best Car Deals

Unless you plan to pay cash for your next car purchase, your credit score will play a large part in your purchase or lease. You may already know that interest rates for car loans and home mortgages are currently the lowest in history. Special low-interest car loans are common, as are 0% APR (no interest) […]

Where are the Cheap Car Leases?

Where are the best deals in car leasing right now? The answer: almost everywhere. Nearly every car manufacturer is currently offering some great special lease deals on at least a few of their models and styles.  With the exception of some General Motors leases, nearly all the lease deals now being offered come from non-American car […]

Cash or Loan? 0% APR or Rebate? Lease or Buy?

We frequently see cars being advertised with simultaneous lease and purchase deals. There might be a cash rebate, a 0% APR loan rate, and a special lease deal being offered at the same time. You have to choose only one of the offers; you can’t combine them. So which is best? Let’s examine it from a […]

Best Leased Car Brands

Car leasing has become popular again with automotive consumers after the near-meltdown in 2009 when the car industry, and the economy, was suffering through the worst of a worldwide recession. Nationally, leasing accounts for about 25% of car sales across all brands, and it’s growing as consumers continue to look for affordable ways to drive new […]

Lease Deal Calculator

Those new car lease deals you see advertised for $199/month seem to be good deals — because the payments are so low. Are they really good deals or is this just some kind of dealer trick? How do you go about determining if a deal is good or not? What you need is a lease […]

When a Good Car Deal is Not a Good Deal

You just got this great deal on a new Ford Explorer XLT in which you paid only $29,217! The MSRP sticker price was $33,795, which means you got a savings of $4578. Wow !!! That’s 13.55% below MSRP! A great deal. It’s even below dealer invoice price of $32,183. [Is this a realistic deal? Yes. How […]

Good Car Deal – or Not?

1. A car dealer offers you what seems like a good price on a brand new car. Is it a good deal or not? Should you expect to do better? There are two prices that are important to know when buying a new car. One is the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) or “sticker” price […]

Great Car Deals Available on 2014 Models

Even though we are now in 2015, there are still plenty of brand new unsold 2014 model vehicles sitting on car dealers’ lots waiting for buyers who are looking for great deals. Car manufacturers and dealers need to sell these “leftover” models to make room for the newer 2015 versions of the same vehicles. Consequently, they are […]

Negotiating Car Deals – Explained

Most of the kinds of car deals that we discuss on this web site don’t require negotiation because they are pre-packaged deals offered by car manufacturers, not dealers. They are usually genuinely good deals and better than any deal customers could negotiate on their own with a dealer. However, these promotional incentive offers are limited […]

Cheap Cars – Best Car Deals

Where are the cheap cars? Where are the best deals? Everybody knows that all new cars have window stickers that display MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), which is the full retail price of the car. Of course, we all know that nobody pays full retail price anymore. So, who and what determines the actual price […]

How the Best Car Deals Are Made

Many people think the way to get the best car deal is through shrewd negotiations and hard bargaining with car dealers. Not true. That’s old outdated thinking. The best deals are the ones that are given to you, with no negotiation required, by automakers and their “captive” finance companies. You see, dealers control only one […]

Buy a Car – Skip the Dealer

If one asks oneself why one must go to a car dealer to buy a new car, one would come up with the following answer. Most people go to car dealers because they want to know about that dealer’s brand of cars, what models are offered, what options are available, about gas mileage and safety […]

What Car Should I Buy?

“What car should I buy?” is a common buyer’s question, particularly from people who don’t spend a lot of time reading car reviews, visiting dealer showrooms, or who don’t buy cars very often. There are so many makes and models, many of which are very similar in appearance and specifications. Then, of course, we all […]

What’s Better – New Car or Used Car?

A couple of years ago (the “old days”) before the recent economic recession and car industry “crash”, it was nearly always a better idea to buy used cars instead of brand new. It was a no-brainer. Not anymore. Used car prices, according to Automotive News, are the highest in years and will remain that way […]