Car Lease Deals

Understanding Car Lease Deals

Lease payment seems low but is it a good deal or not? Let’s look at an actual car lease ad Here is an actual newspaper promotional advertisement for lease deals from the Honda web site. We’ll focus on the ad for the Accord Sedan for $199 a month, for 36 months, with $2499 due at […]

New Lease Guide Site

Our sister web site,, has just been completely redesigned and updated. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone who is thinking about the possibility of leasing their next car — or are wondering if leasing is right for them — or is currently leasing. The site was started about 15 years ago and became […]

Lease Deal Calculator

Those new car lease deals you see advertised for $199/month seem to be good deals — because the payments are so low. Are they really good deals or is this just some kind of dealer trick? How do you go about determining if a deal is good or not? What you need is a lease […]

Incredible Lease Deals – Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hot right now but not quite as hot as car companies, the Federal government, and state governments want.  The government wants millions of EVs on the road in the next few years to help reduce fuel dependencies and environmental damage. After a bit of a slow start, electric vehicles are picking up […]

Should You Lease Your Next Car?

Car leasing has made a big comeback after a couple of years in the doldrums during the Great Recession. Over 25% of new cars are now leased. The reason that leasing took a slide is not that automotive consumers didn’t want it; car manufacturers (especially American manufacturers) lost their shirts by being too agressive with […]

End of Car Lease – How to Do it Right

So you’re about to come to the end of your 3-year car lease. How you handle it can make the difference between ending it as  good deal or a bad deal. You have options. Generally, at the normal end of a lease you have three options: 1. You can simply return the car to the […]

Return Your Leased Vehicle for Great Deals

Car leasing hit bottom during the recent Great Recession but has quickly recovered during the last three years, such that approximately one out of every four new vehicles is now being leased. People who leased two or three years ago will be returning their vehicles soon, and into 2014. Car manufacturers and dealers know that every […]

Do You Need a Car Leasing Guide?

Many new-car buyers could benefit by leasing but don’t — because they don’t understand it, or misunderstand it, and are reluctant to give it a try. Car leasing is a little more complicated than buying with a loan, and therefore more difficult to understand and easier to make mistakes. It doesn’t help that some of […]

Off-Lease Certified Car Deals

When leasing customers return their cars at the end of a lease, new-car dealers buy those cars from the lease finance company to be sold on their used car lots. These are called off-lease vehicles. Car dealers love off-lease vehicles because they are relatively new — usually about 2-3 years old — and have been […]

Calculating Car Lease Deals

If you have ever leased a car, or are thinking about leasing, have you wondered if a dealer is doing the math correctly on the lease contract form? Is the monthly payment amount correct, given the price of the car, the residual, and other charges? It’s not uncommon for there to be “mistakes” in lease […]

Short-Term Car Lease Deals

As you might know, many car leases have a minimum of 24 month terms, with 36 and 39 months being the most common. Even 24 month leases are difficult to find. If you want a shorter term, say 9 months or 18 months or 24 months,  you won’t find it at a new-car dealer but there […]

Lease Takeovers Make Great Car Deals

Most people who are thinking about buying a new car want the most car for the lowest possible monthly payment. One way to do that is to use the information on this web site regarding which brands and models have current manufacturers’ incentives — rebates, bonuses, low interest loans. These deals are only good for […]

Where are the Best Car Deals?

Where are the best car deals for 2012? Everywhere. Nearly every car company is currently offering incentives of some kind. Deals are actually not hard to find if you know where to look. Some of these deals are outstanding, some very good, and others only so-so.   Luxury Brands High-end luxury car companies, such as Porsche, […]