Lease Deals

Car Leases Less Than $300 – 2017

There are over a hundred special lease deals for less than $300 a month offered every month from different car companies. In fact, of all promotional leases being offered by car manufacturers, the majority fall into the range of $200 – $299 a month. These no-haggle deals are put together by combining a discounted vehicle price […]

Best Car Leases Under $200 in 2017

There are currently a surprising number of good car lease deals for less than $200 a month being offered during April 2017 by car companies and their dealers. The good news is that the number of cheap lease deals has remained generally the same over the last few months, and promises to remain so, or become greater. […]

Cheapest Car Lease Deals in 2017

Some of the cheapest car leases we’ve seen in a while are now being offered by car manufacturers with special limited-time lease deals. These are deals in which car companies are creating the lowest possible monthly payments by temporarily adjusting a combination of factors, such as price and finance rate, that affect payment amount.  Although a low lease […]

$0 Zero Down Car Leases Explained

Is it possible to lease a car with no down payment?  $0 down? Absolutely. In fact most car leases, even those advertised with a “required” down payment, are also available with $0 due at signing. Of course, the monthly payment will be higher since you are not pre-paying some of the lease obligation. In general, […]

New Lexus Zero-Down Leases Announced

Although $0-down car leases are not uncommon, very few car companies actually do it. Honda and Acura are frequent players, as are Mazda and Subaru. But not Lexus — until now. Lexus has announced new zero-down leases on a number of its popular 2016 models including the following: IS 200T GS 200T GS 350 ES […]

Nissan Leaf – Best Deal Ever – Ever

You know — the Nissan Leaf EV, the small and cute 100% electric car that uses no gas and produces no polluting exhaust. Owners love them and have created clubs and owners groups to share their enthusiasm. Right now, Nissan is offering an incredible lease deal on the Nissan Leaf that is the best car lease […]

New Car – Lease or Buy – Explained

When getting a new car, is it better to buy or lease? Lease vs buy? What are the pros and cons of each? It’s a question we hear all the time. However, the answer is not that simple. One way is better for some people, the other way is better for others. Both leasing and […]

Why Lease a Honda?

Honda is one of the most “lease-friendly” car brands in the U.S.. If you are looking for a good car lease deal, you won’t go wrong with a Honda. Why it that, you might ask? Why is Honda such a good brand to lease? Let’s briefly list some of the reasons and then explain them. […]

Where are the Cheap Car Leases?

Where are the best deals in car leasing right now? The answer: almost everywhere. Nearly every car manufacturer is currently offering some great special lease deals on at least a few of their models and styles.  With the exception of some General Motors leases, nearly all the lease deals now being offered come from non-American car […]

Cash or Loan? 0% APR or Rebate? Lease or Buy?

We frequently see cars being advertised with simultaneous lease and purchase deals. There might be a cash rebate, a 0% APR loan rate, and a special lease deal being offered at the same time. You have to choose only one of the offers; you can’t combine them. So which is best? Let’s examine it from a […]

Best Leased Car Brands

Car leasing has become popular again with automotive consumers after the near-meltdown in 2009 when the car industry, and the economy, was suffering through the worst of a worldwide recession. Nationally, leasing accounts for about 25% of car sales across all brands, and it’s growing as consumers continue to look for affordable ways to drive new […]

Lease Deal Calculator

Those new car lease deals you see advertised for $199/month seem to be good deals — because the payments are so low. Are they really good deals or is this just some kind of dealer trick? How do you go about determining if a deal is good or not? What you need is a lease […]

Lease Vehicles – Which Are Best?

If you understand how car leasing works (if you don’t, go to, you know that vehicles with projected high resale values make the best lease vehicles. That’s because future resale value — called residual value in leasing — is one of the primary factors in determining monthly lease payments. The higher the residual value, […]

Lease vs Buy? Which is Best Deal?

In the articles on this web site we often tell you about the best car deals in which attractive lease deals are being offered, along with low-interest loans, and rebates — frequently on the same vehicles at the same time. Typically, you have to choose only one kind of deal. For example, you must take […]

How to Evaluate Lease Deals

Ever see one of those car lease deals advertised in the newspaper with really low monthly payments and wonder if it’s a good deal or not? Let’s just start by saying that most advertised car lease deals are backed by the car manufacturer and are generally good deals. What’s the catch? Well, the special lease […]

End of Car Lease – How to Do it Right

So you’re about to come to the end of your 3-year car lease. How you handle it can make the difference between ending it as  good deal or a bad deal. You have options. Generally, at the normal end of a lease you have three options: 1. You can simply return the car to the […]

Why Car Leasing Is NOT Like Apartment Leasing

It’s unfortunate that the car business uses the same term “leasing” as the apartment business. It causes confusion. It makes them sound like the same thing, which they are not. It causes uninformed people to give bad advice to other uninformed people based on wrong impressions. We see it all the time. Online advice forums […]

Residual Value – Why It’s Important

All new and used vehicles have a residual value. It’s the estimated wholesale resale value (think trade-in value) that a vehicle will have after, say, 3 years. It’s important whether a car is being leased or purchased. We know that all motor vehicles depreciate in value as they are driven and become older. So, residual […]

Do You Need a Car Leasing Guide?

Many new-car buyers could benefit by leasing but don’t — because they don’t understand it, or misunderstand it, and are reluctant to give it a try. Car leasing is a little more complicated than buying with a loan, and therefore more difficult to understand and easier to make mistakes. It doesn’t help that some of […]

How Great Car Lease Deals are Made

We often remind our readers that finding promotional leases from car manufacturers is the way to get the best car deals, better than any deal customers could negotiate for themselves. The fundamental reason this is true is that when a customer negotiates a car lease with a dealer, the dealer can only negotiate one thing — price […]

Five Ways to Lease a Car

Many people think of leasing as only one way to finance a new car. In fact, some think it’s renting, and not financing at all. There are five ways to lease an automobile, making it the most flexible method of vehicle financing. 1. Straight Car Lease – With an ordinary car lease, you negotiate the vehicle […]

Off-Lease Certified Car Deals

When leasing customers return their cars at the end of a lease, new-car dealers buy those cars from the lease finance company to be sold on their used car lots. These are called off-lease vehicles. Car dealers love off-lease vehicles because they are relatively new — usually about 2-3 years old — and have been […]

Calculating Car Lease Deals

If you have ever leased a car, or are thinking about leasing, have you wondered if a dealer is doing the math correctly on the lease contract form? Is the monthly payment amount correct, given the price of the car, the residual, and other charges? It’s not uncommon for there to be “mistakes” in lease […]

Zero-Payment Car Lease. Really?

Is it possible to lease a new car and have no monthly payment — $0 a month, zero payment, zilch? Yes. But there’s a “catch.” Isn’t that always the case? It’s not exactly like getting a free car. Let’s explain. Everyone knows that if you buy a car, you can pay cash and avoid monthly […]

$99 Lease Deal on Smart Car

You know those cute little smart fortwo cars from Smart USA, owned by Mercedes-Benz. You know the ones — the ones that get all the attention, can park just about anywhere, have unique styling and colors, get 38 miles per gallon, offer a ton of cool options, are very safe, and have plenty of room […]