New Car Deals

Car Deals Without Negotiating

Most people really hate the process of buying a new car. It’s because they know that car dealers have the advantage in price negotiations. Dealers do it all day every day, while the average car buying customer only does it once every few years. Customers who have better bargaining skills get the best prices. However, […]

Incredible Lease Deals – Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are hot right now but not quite as hot as car companies, the Federal government, and state governments want.  The government wants millions of EVs on the road in the next few years to help reduce fuel dependencies and environmental damage. After a bit of a slow start, electric vehicles are picking up […]

Which Cars Offer the Best Deals?

TrueCar, an automotive industry research company, publishes a monthly report that shows sales trends and price movement for all automobile makes and models. One of our favorite parts of the report is what the company calls “Price Flex Scores,” a measure of how flexible sales transaction prices have been over the past month. If a particular model […]

New Cars Versus Used Cars

This web site focuses almost exclusively on buying and leasing brand new cars but we realize that previously-owned used cars are the best solution for many people. To set the stage for our discussion of used cars and getting great deals, let’s first point out that there are many more variables to consider when buying […]

Residual Value – Why It’s Important

All new and used vehicles have a residual value. It’s the estimated wholesale resale value (think trade-in value) that a vehicle will have after, say, 3 years. It’s important whether a car is being leased or purchased. We know that all motor vehicles depreciate in value as they are driven and become older. So, residual […]

New Way to Get the Best Car Deals

SEE THE EXACT PRICE YOU SHOULD PAY FOR YOUR NEW CAR A new company has come along that has the potential to greatly improve and simplify the way we buy cars now and in the future. The company helps answer the question “What should I pay for my new car?” based on what dealers pay […]

Should You Buy New or Used?

It wasn’t that long ago that making a money-saving choice between buying a brand new car and used car was a no-brainer. Prior to 2009 used cars were relatively inexpensive, on average, based on a large supply fueled by trade-ins, lease returns, rental car replacements, and fleet turnover— all driven by a good economy. Likewise, brand new […]