Used Cars

Where Are the Best Used Car Deals

When buying a used car, it can be somewhat difficult to know what is a good deal and what isn’t because there are many more factors involved than when buying a brand new car. If you are looking for a relatively new used car, don’t automatically assume that a brand new car of the same […]

New Cars Versus Used Cars

This web site focuses almost exclusively on buying and leasing brand new cars but we realize that previously-owned used cars are the best solution for many people. To set the stage for our discussion of used cars and getting great deals, let’s first point out that there are many more variables to consider when buying […]

Used Car Deals and Scams

On this web site, we normally talk about new-car deals but, for people with limited budgets, a used car may be the way to go. However, finding great deals on used cars is not quite as easy as for new cars. It’s not that the deals aren’t out there; it’s that there are many more factors to […]