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cheapest new carsAutomotive consumers who want a brand new car at the absolute lowest price should look beyond the sticker price.

Sticker price is one thing, actual selling price is another. Most new cars are sold at prices below MSRP sticker price. However, it’s easier to get good deals on some car brands and models than others, depending on available incentives and willingness of dealers to offer discounts.

The cheapest new cars are generally small cars such as the Honda Fit or Nissan Versa. Although small, these cars are very practical, economical to drive, inexpensive to insure, and actually very safe. Because they are so maneuverable and easy to park, they are great for city or campus driving.

In the list of cheapest cars below, we show you the MSRP (sticker price), including destination charge, for the least expensive version of the model, then show you the TrueCar price that a customer should actually pay for that car.

Nissan Versa – MSRP: $12,780 | Truecar: $12,108 (5,3% saving)

Chevrolet Spark - MSRP: $12,995 | Truecar: $12,705 (2.2% saving)

SmartCar – MSRP: $13,240 | Truecar: $12,846 (3.0% saving)

Ford Fiesta – MSRP: $13,995 | Truecar: $13,651 (2.5% saving)

Kia Rio - MSRP: $14,350 | Truecar: $13,832 (3.6% saving)

Chevrolet Sonic – MSRP: $14,995 | Truecar: $13,647 (9.0% saving)

Kia Soul – MSRP: $15,175 | Truecar: $14,918 (1.7% saving)

Toyota Yaris – MSRP: $15,210 | Truecar: $14,658 (3.6% saving)

Hyundai Accent – MSRP: $15,340 | Truecar: $14,588 (4.9% saving)

Mazda Mazda2 – MSRP: $15,515 | Truecar: $13,868 (10.61% saving)

Notice in the above list that even though the Mazda2 has the highest MSRP, it can be purchased for less than the “cheaper” three cars above it. While these are good examples, some higher priced styles of these vehicle, or other vehicles, may actually be cheaper to buy if they have rebates, bonuses, or other incentive. The TrueCar prices will always include any current incentives and discounts.

Another way to further improve your deal on these vehicles is to look for low-interest or 0% APR loan offers. For example, the Mazda2 listed above currently (as of this writing) has a 0% APR offer for 36 months. Of course, you need a good credit score to qualify for special loan rates. If you don’t know your current credit score and rating, you should get it. What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at!


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