Do You Need a Car Leasing Guide?

banner7_leftMany new-car buyers could benefit by leasing but don’t — because they don’t understand it, or misunderstand it, and are reluctant to give it a try.

Car leasing is a little more complicated than buying with a loan, and therefore more difficult to understand and easier to make mistakes. It doesn’t help that some of the language of leasing is strange — money factor, capitalized cost, cap cost reduction, residuals, and term. And lease contracts are not as straightforward as loan contracts. Lease contracts don’t even directly tell you what interest rate you are paying, which is required by law on loan contracts. You have to know how to figure it out yourself.

Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible to determine by simply looking at a lease contract if you are getting a good deal — or if mistakes have been made in the dealer’s math.

Leasing is also different in that lease payments are better for some car makes and models than on others, even when the cars are the same price. That’s not true when purchasing a car.  It’s good to know which brands and models make the best leases, and which to avoid.

Fortunately, our sister web site,, is available to those who want to learn the “secrets” of car leasing. It’s mostly free except for a special online Lease Kit which contains special lease calculators, tables, checklists, sample lease contracts, and other essential tools for anyone wanting to lease.

Lease Guide

Here are some examples of what you’ll find on the web site:

1. An easy to understand Car Leasing Guide that explains how leasing works

2. How to determine if you are right for leasing

3. The pros and cons of leasing

4. An explanation of the standard lease payment formula that dealers use to calculate monthly payments

5. A Lease Payment Calculator that can be used to calculate monthly lease payments

6. A Lease Deal Calculator that tells you if a specific lease deal is good or bad

7. An explanation of what happens at the end of a lease, and what options are available

8. How and where to find the best lease deals

9. How to negotiate a car lease with a dealer

10. Where to find the cheapest leases

Lease Kit

KitCover_sm3In addition to the all the free information listed above (there’s much more we haven’t mentioned), there is also the previously mentioned Lease Kit that, for a small fee, provides the following additional tools for anyone seriously considering leasing, or who has already leased:

1. Lease ranking of all car makes and models  — which are best to lease, which are worse

2. Sample annotated car lease contract and checklist

3. Lease Evaluator calculator - how good, or bad, is a specific lease deal

4. Lease Inspector calculator — if you’ve already leased, how good, or bad, was the deal, and why

5. Lease payment tables

6. How to properly terminate a lease early

7. Calculate lease-end residual values

8. Dealer profit margins for all car makes and models

9. A Lease-End Advisor — your lease-end options and how to select the best option

10. An Affordability Calculator — helps you determine how much car you can afford to lease

If you are considering leasing your next new car, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of one of the best resources on the Internet. was created in 1995 and has enjoyed a steady growth of visitors since that time. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions, understand leasing and become more informed automotive consumers. Remember, knowledge is power, especially in car leasing.


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