Do You Need a Lease Kit?

Car Leasing KitOur sister site,, is the go-to site for learning all about car leasing. There is the popular Lease Guide, Lease Calculator, Lease vs Buy Calculator, Frequently Asked Questions, and a ton of special articles. The site has been providing service to automotive consumers for over 15 years and is the #1 site on Google for “car leasing.”

Also offered on the site is a unique Lease Kit that contains 15 different car leasing aids, calculators, guides, and tools that are of great help to anyone thinking about leasing a car and wanting a good deal — or to those who have already leased.

One of the most popular and most used tools in the Kit is the Lease Evaluator.  It’s a special calculator that tells you how good, or how bad, a lease deal is, based on the make/model vehicle, mileage allowance, down payment, and monthly payment. It’s a tool that you would normally use before you lease as you evaluate and compare different lease offers you enounter at dealers, in newspaper ads, or on TV commercials.

Next most popular in the Kit is the Lease Inspector, another unique calculator primarily designed to evaluate a lease deal after the deal is done to determine if you got a good deal and if the dealer made any “mistakes.”  You fill in a form with numbers directly from your lease contract form and the calculator does the rest.

Other useful tools in the Kit are the Residual Value Calculator that shows you average lease-end residual values for all car makes and models, Lease Ratings for all makes/models, sample of an annotated Lease Contract Form, a Lease Contract Checklist, an Early Lease Termination Guide, simple Lease Payment Tables, a Lease Guide eBook, and more.

The cost of the online Lease Kit is only $19.95, a one-time charge with lifetime free updates. And it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you plan to lease your next car, the Kit is a small investment compared to the benefits it offers.


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