Great Car Deals Available on 2014 Models

VW dealsEven though we are now in 2015, there are still plenty of brand new unsold 2014 model vehicles sitting on car dealers’ lots waiting for buyers who are looking for great deals.

Car manufacturers and dealers need to sell these “leftover” models to make room for the newer 2015 versions of the same vehicles. Consequently, they are offering some of the best deals we’ve seen in a long time. The deals come in the form of large factory-to-customer rebates, dealer-provided price discounts, low interest loans (including 0% APR), and special low-payment lease deals.

These are all deals that customers could not possibly negotiate on their own, without the incentives that are being offered, with no negotiation required.

Are these deals actually good deals? Absolutely. Compare the price difference with a new 2105 model of the same make and model, and you’ll be convinced. In many cases, the newer models are pretty much the same as the older model with possibly only a few cosmetic or appearance changes. Most cars get a significant “remake” only every 4-5 years.

Is there a “catch” to these great deals? In a way, yes. Since 2014 vehicles are no longer being manufactured, the supply of those vehicles is limited to whatever is now available on dealer lots. That means not every vehicle, style, or color is available. It also means that not every dealer will have such vehicles. A dealer in Dallas may have a good supply with lots of choices, while another dealer of the same brand vehicle in San Francisco may have none. You may not be able to find exactly the color or features you want.

Here are some examples of some of the outstanding deals on 2104 model vehicles at this time:

Chrysler 300c – up to $5000 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Dodge Charger – up to $3500 rebate

Fiat 500L – $3000 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Ram 2500, 3500 – $3500 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 – up to $3500 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Ford Expedition – up to $2500 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Buick Lacrosse – up to $3000 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Cadillac XTS – $5000 rebate, or 0.9% APR loan

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, 3500HD – up to $4250 rebate, or 0% APR loan

GMC Sierra 2500HD, 3500HD – up to $3750 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Honda Civic, CR-V – 0.9% APR loan

Mazda CX-9 – $4000 rebate, or 0% APR loan

Mercedes Benz (all models) – 2.0% APR loan

Nissan Maxima – up to $4500 rebate

Nissan Murano – up to $3500 rebate

Nissan Titan – up to $3500 rebate

Subaru (most models) – 0% APR loan

Toyota Avalon, Sienna – up to $3000 rebate

Volkswagen (most models) – 0.9% APR loan

Note that the above deals do not include any price discounts that might be offered, if asked, by dealers. The funding for the deals above is provided by car manufacturers, and not by dealers. Therefore, dealers should be expected to provide additional “contribution” to any such deals. Customers should always check with to find out what other customers are paying before going shopping for a car.

Another important point is that some special incentives by car companies require that customers be “highly qualified” in order to be able to get the deals. This means having a good credit score. If you don’t know your credit reports and FICO score, you should. What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at! Don’t let a car dealer embarrass you by knowing more about you than you know about yourself.




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