Great Volkswagen Deals – Distress Sale Now

vw deals - scandalIf you have seen any news in the last few weeks you’ll know about one of the largest car company scandals in automotive history — the VW cheating scandal.

Although the effects of this problem are potentially devastating to the company, and a disappointment to existing diesel customers, it has opened up a huge opportunity for potential customers of non-affected models of VW vehicles.

Brief background

Volkswagen was discovered to have rigged software in its diesel (TDI) vehicles so that they would pass emission testing but, immediately after testing, return to emitting environmental pollutants at several times legal levels.

Other diesel brands such as Audi and Porsche were also found to be affected. As a result, VW has currently (at the time of this writing) halted all sales of affected vehicles.

Current owners of VW diesel cars are understandably upset since news of the cheating has dramatically reduced the value of their vehicles. Some owners even refuse to drive them, given the high rate of pollutant emissions.

Customers who are currently leasing are in a much better situation since their lease-end residual values were set before the news of the scandal hit. For more details about how VW leasing customers are protected, see Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and Leasing.

About the new VW deals

Although the problem is only with diesel models, Volkswagen is concerned that customers may now think twice about buying their non-diesel models.

As a way of offsetting this potential loss of sales, the company is now offering some of the best deals in its history.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with VW’s conventionally powered vehicles. In fact, they are popular sellers and are rated highly in professional reviews.

The issues with the TDI models have no affect on non-diesel models, but VW feels that some potential buyers might think otherwise.

This is the reason for the unusually high incentive levels that VW is now offering.

Volkswagen deals We took a look at VW prices and deals on and found some astounding offers, discounts and incentives that brought prices down to more than 20% off MSRP !

These are all deals that are now available at your local dealer without need for haggling. Just take your price guarantee with you and give it to your dealer.

Here’s an example of how prices on the popular VW Passat have dropped dramatically in just the last couple of weeks.

The MSRP sticker price on this car is nearly $25,000 but the average selling price is $19,675.

What a deal!

If you don’t want the Passat, similar deals are available on nearly every other model and style. Deals are especially good on leftover 2015 models.

If you have ever thought about owning or leasing a Volkswagen, now is definitely the time to do it.

Even if you have never considered a VW, the outstanding deals now being offered might be a good reason to put them on your new-car shopping list.


The recent VW diesel scandal has created some outstanding opportunities for buyers on non-affected vehicles. These are the best deals that VW has ever offered in an attempt to offset the negative press associated with the problem.


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