Guaranteed Car Pricing – No Haggling Needed

guaranteed car pricingBuying a new car can be a real hassle, especially the part about haggling prices with a dealer.

It’s not pleasant and can be very stressful, and most people hate it.

Some car companies and dealers are moving to fixed prices, which are not always great prices, but at least there are no negotiation shenanigans needed. Scion, for example, uses no-haggle pricing for all their cars. The price you see on the sticker is the price you pay. The few dealers who are trying out fixed pricing usually set the price below MSRP sticker price but not by much.

There is now a better way to get no-haggle prices from dealers. It’s called guaranteed pricing.

Here’s how it works.

Online car research and pricing services such as  work with a network of dealers all over the U.S. who have agreed to provide guaranteed low prices to customers who go through these web sites to ask for price quotes. The prices you see are almost always well below MSRP and are good fair deals. Prices can easily be below dealers’ cost when there are manufacturer rebates and bonuses included, which are automatically factored into the guaranteed prices when available.

When you go to the Edmunds website, you find the vehicle you want, configure it the way you want it, and get your price guarantee, which you can take to any participating dealer in your area. The dealer will honor that price without any need for further negotiation. Simple. Easy.  Stress free.

You might ask, “Is this guaranteed price the absolute best price I can get?”

Maybe not. Dealers often leave a little room for additional discounts but you’ll have to draw on your negotiation skills and be willing to spend some time to get it. Just know that the guaranteed price is a fair price and if you’re not set on trying to squeeze every penny out of the deal, you can accept it and be perfectly happy that you got a good deal.


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