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car lease deal calculatorThose new car lease deals you see advertised for $199/month seem to be good deals — because the payments are so low.

Are they really good deals or is this just some kind of dealer trick? How do you go about determining if a deal is good or not? What you need is a lease deal calculator that gives you the answer.

Car leases are more difficult to evaluate than simple car purchases. The reason is that there are more factors involved in calculating the monthly payment for leases.  There’s the price of the car that the lease is based on, the number of months in the lease, the money factor (finance rate), the lease-end residual value, and the down payment (if any). Even the make and model of the car makes a difference in a lease.

But, normally, you don’t see all those factors when you are presented a lease deal by a car dealer, or when you see a lease deal advertised. Typically, you only see the MSRP sticker price, lease term (lease months), monthly payment, and down payment requirement. Although the monthly payment may seem low and a good deal, you don’t really know. It might actually be a poor deal for that car, from that dealer. It’s possible that a much better deal is available at another dealer or on another similar car.

You therefore need an easy way to evaluate individual lease deals and compare multiple deals.

Our Lease Deal Calculator is the answer.  It’s free. Simply plug in the numbers related to the lease deal and get an instant evaluation of that deal.  This is an incredibly powerful and unique tool for automotive consumers who are considering leasing.

For example, we compared two leases on similar cars from two different car companies.

First was a Buick LaCrosse with an MSRP of $38,355. The lease being offered was for 24 months, $3835 down, and $375 a month. Second was a Lexus ES with an MSRP of $37,265. The lease offer was for 36 months, $4535 down, and $425 month.  These both seem to be good deals but let’s use our Lease Deal Calculator to find out.

When we plug in the numbers for the Buick LaCrosse, the calculator tells us that the deal evaluates at a very high score of 108, which rates as “Outstanding.”  When we plug in the numbers for the Lexus ES, it only evaluates at a barely “Good” score of 68. The Buick deal provides not only a lower monthly payment but much more value for your money.

On this web site, we frequently tell you about special lease deals being offered by car companies. These deals generally evaluate as “Excellent” or “Outstanding” — but not always. Normal, non-promotional lease offers most often evaluate as only “Average” or Good.” The lowest evaluation rank is “Poor.”

We like to remind our readers that most lease deals that evaluate as “Excellent” or “Outstanding” require that the customer have excellent credit. If you find a deal you like, make sure you know your most recent FICO credit score before you visit your dealer.  What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at!

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