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great car dealsOn this web site we typically focus your attention on special promotional new-car offers each month which include rebates, bonuses, low-interest loans, and special lease deals. These are usually good deals that are well worth considering for anyone looking for a new car.

However, it is very possible to get great deals on other cars that don’t have advertised incentives, if certain conditions exist.

How? What conditions?

Let’s start with a little explanation.

Car manufacturers build cars in anticipation of customer demand in the coming months. Some months they build too many, and some months, too few. It’s when they build too many that it becomes a problem. In that case, cars are accumulated in the car maker’s shipping lots and on dealer’s sales lots.  Too many cars in inventory means something has to be done to sell them more quickly.

Car inventory is measured in terms of  “days supply.” If, say, there is 90 days supply in inventory of a particular vehicle, it means that it would take about 3 months to sell off that inventory at normal sales rates. Car companies consider about 48 days supply to be about right — not too much or too little. However, if the number climbs above 100 days supply, we as customers can reasonably expect that the companies and their dealers will be especially anxious to get the number down by offering us better deals than we could get on other vehicles.

If we can identify the car makes and models with 100 days supply, or more, we might expect to be able to get attractive deals on those vehicles  – until the over-supply problem is solved. Many of these vehicles may already have advertised incentive offers, but many do not.

Here is a summary of the vehicles that currently have the highest days-supply of inventory:

Dodge Viper

Fiat 500

Lincoln MKS

Lincoln MKX

Lincoln Navigator

Buick Regal

Cadillac ATS

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac XTS

Cadillac Escalade EXT

Cadillac Escalade SRX

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Volt

GMC Yukon

Acura TSX

Honda Crosstour

Honda CR-Z

Honda Insight

Honda Ridgeline

Mazda Mazda2

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mitsubishi Galant

Volvo 80-Series

Customers should not expect dealers to simply hand out good deals on these cars. It may require some negotiation although the task may be made considerably easier due to the desire of both the manufacturer and dealers to reduce inventory. In some cases, the manufacturer provides a hidden factory-to-dealer rebate that allows dealers to offer customers good deals without losing all its normal profit.

One of the best ways to know what kind of deals you might expect is to use a web site such as Edmunds to find out what prices customers can expect to get from local dealers. Obviously, the prices from local dealers would likely reflect any discounts or incentives being offered due to an inventory over-supply situation that we’ve discussed in this article. This site is an invaluable tool to anyone buying a new car.


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