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most reliable car - toyotaIt’s common knowledge that reliable cars make the best overall deals. A reliable car is more dependable, costs less to maintain, and has higher resale or trade value. High resale value means lower ownership cost and better lease deals because residual values are higher.

Every year Consumer Reports magazine surveys car owners and determines which brands and models are the most reliable and publishes the results in the magazine and on their web site (

This year, Toyota came out the overall winner. In fact, their Scion, Toyota, and Lexus brands held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd spots in the ranking.

Toyota made a big jump from #6 position last year to #2 this year. Honda slipped a bit to #6 this year versus #5 last year. Mazda and Subaru were rated above Honda at the #4 and #5 spots. Subaru improved from #8. Although Honda has typically held higher positions in past years, some quality problems in the last couple of years have held them back.

Jaguar occupied the last spot, #28, in the list this year — same as last year. Although Land Rover, Jaguar’s kissing cousin, was not on the list, it typically shares a bottom-of-the-list position with Jaguar.

To finish off the top-10 list, Acura (a Honda product) came in at #7 (was #3 last year), Audi at #8, Infiniti at #9, and Kia at #10. Audi wins the “most-improved” award for moving from the #26 spot last year — 2 spots above worst in list — to #8 this year.

Notice that no American brands are in the top ten most reliable cars. Cadillac is best at #11, barely missing the top-10 list, making a big jump from #25 at the bottom of the stack last year. GMC comes in at #12, Chevrolet at #15, and Jeep at #15.

Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram occupy the #23, #24, and #25 positions, near bottom.

Unfortunately, Ford and Lincoln slipped badly this year and fall into the list at #26 and #27, just above Jaguar at #28, the bottom of the list. Ford and Lincoln have had customer-satisfaction problems with their MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch electronics that may be have improved in more recent vehicles.

One reason, according to industry experts, that American car brands have higher reliability issues is that the U.S. car companies seem to be more forward in redesigning and making big changes from year to year, which nearly always lead to problems.  Asian and European companies tend to be more conservative, making small incremental changes on top of proven designs — which makes them more reliable.

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