New Lease Guide Site home pageOur sister web site,, has just been completely redesigned and updated. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone who is thinking about the possibility of leasing their next car — or are wondering if leasing is right for them — or is currently leasing.

The site was started about 15 years ago and became the most authoritative and most visited web site about car leasing. Although it was partially updated many times over the years, this is the first time it has been totally redesigned and updated.

So, what does it have to offer?

First, is the Lease Guide which is a 15-part comprehensive guidebook to car leasing. It covers everything from simply explaining the concept of leasing, to how to determine who should lease and who shouldn’t, to the pros and cons of leasing, to how leasing actually works, to explaining the “secret” lease payment formula, to how to handle the end of a lease.

The most popular feature of the site is the Lease Payment Calculator, which calculates monthly payments and all the costs associated with a car lease.

Then there’s the Lease vs Buy Calculator that helps you compare the cost of leasing versus the cost of buying with a loan. It shows you all the numbers so that you can make the right financial decision.

Another popular feature is the Lease Deal Calculator that lets you enter the numbers from a lease deal you’ve seen advertised or a deal offered you by a car dealer, and then shows you whether the deal is good or bad. You can compare different lease deals to find the best one.

In addition there is a comprehensive set of articles that discusses a variety of topics of interest to automotive consumers — such as how to find the best lease deals, best cars for teenagers, how your credit affects your ability to lease or buy, what insurance is required for leasing,  and how to cancel a lease the smart way.

Then there’s the Glossary of Terms that explains the sometimes confusing language of leasing, and the Frequently Asked Questions section that answers the most common questions about leasing that we’re heard over the years.

Finally, we offer the Lease Kit which is set of a additional leasing tools, calculators, checklists, and tables that help guarantee successful leasing deals. It contains Lease Evaluator and Lease Inspector calculators, Lease Payment Tables, a Sample Lease Contract, Lease Contract Checklist, Vehicle Lease Ratings for all vehicle makes and models, a Residual Calculator, and more.

So check out the new web site at, and recommend it to your family, friends, and associates.


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