Nissan Leaf – Best Deal Ever – Ever

Nissan Leaf lease dealYou know — the Nissan Leaf EV, the small and cute 100% electric car that uses no gas and produces no polluting exhaust. Owners love them and have created clubs and owners groups to share their enthusiasm.

Right now, Nissan is offering an incredible lease deal on the Nissan Leaf that is the best car lease deal we have ever seen in 25 years in the automotive industry. We plugged the deal into our Lease Deal Calculator and came up with a score of 404, the highest score we’ve seen.

Normal lease scores are typically under 100, with some special leases scoring as high as 140 (see Outstanding Infiniti Lease Deals). But this Nissan Leaf deal scores 404 !!! Wow.

Here are the details. You lease a 2015 Nissan Leaf EV for 36 months with a lease payment of $199/month and a mileage allowance of 36,000 miles, and pay $1999 down (cap cost reduction) plus your first month’s payment of $249 at the time of signing.

As part of the deal, you get a rebate credit of $7675, which is applied as additional down payment, which reduces the monthly lease payment amount. Of the $7675, Nissan is giving customers the $7500 they receive as a tax credit from the Federal government, plus $175. This tax credit is available to owners of new all-electric vehicle. When leasing, the vehicle belongs to, and is owned by, the leasing company (Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation), who gets the $7500 credit. However, Nissan is giving the $7500 back to those who lease, as a rebate that is applied as down payment.

People who choose to buy instead of lease are also eligible for the $7500 tax credit but have to apply on their own and they don’t see the benefit until after their Federal tax return is filed in April next year. People who lease see the benefit immediately.

There are some good reasons that makes this deal is so incredibly outstanding.

First is the large rebate credit discussed above. Second, the lease rate (money factor) for this lease is 0% interest rate (it’s actually very slightly above 0%) which means you pay almost no finance charges. A normal lease finance rate would be 4%-6% or more, resulting in much higher monthly payments. Although the lease-end residual percentage is a normal 50% of MSRP in this deal, the combination of the other two factors — large rebate and 0% lease rate — are enough to make this a super-outstanding deal.

One other thing

Many states are also kicking in with incentives to people who buy or lease EV (electric) vehicles. As this is a new concept, make sure you work with your Nissan dealer to work out how the benefit flows to you in a lease. Again, since Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. is the owner of the car in a lease, the benefits should flow through them to you. Your dealer should be aware of the incentives in your state.


If you are even remotely interested in an all-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf EV is an excellent choice, especially with the outstanding lease deal being offered by Nissan. This is the highest-scored lease deal we have ever seen. It takes advantage of Federal tax credits and offers a 0% lease finance rate to achieve the lowest possible monthly payment for a vehicle in this price range.

As a reminder, as we often do, please understand that the special promotional lease on the Nissan Leaf is only available to customers who have good credit. If you don’t know your current credit score and rating, you can get online quickly and easily. What’s your FICO score? Find out now when you check your credit report for $1 at!Don’t let a car dealer know more about you than you know about yourself.


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