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most popular carEvery month various sources publish lists of best cars in a variety of categories — best selling, best in safety, tops in number of number of people researching, best low-priced, best luxury, best SUV and so on.

We want to focus on the most popular vehicles, that is the best sellers, as a way of suggesting that considering those vehicles might be a good strategy for anyone looking for a new car, especially if they have limited time and resources to do their own research. It’s often useful to know what cars other people are buying.

The implication, and our theory, is that if a particular vehicle is a top seller, there must be something exceptional about it makes it such a popular choice — and that the people who have made that choice are intelligent individuals and have done a reasonable amount of research to make their decision. We also believe these people were convinced that the vehicle they chose was the best value for their money, that it was going to be reliable, be relatively economical to operate, be safe, and provide good performance and driving comfort.

Automotive News, an auto industry trade publication,  publishes “top 10″ vehicles lists every month. Interestingly, the list doesn’t change much from month to month. The same vehicles are almost always on the list, with those lower on the list swapping positions every so often.

Since we want to focus on cars, not trucks, we have to ignore the best selling vehicles for the purpose of this article. Why? Because the best selling vehicles are … pickup trucks. The Ford F-Series (in particular the F-150) is always on top at #1, the Chevrolet Silverado is #2, and the Dodge Ram (now just Ram) fights for #3 or #4 spot with the Toyota Camry, the best selling car of all time.

Therefore top 10 most popular, best selling cars for the past month are as follows:

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Honda Accord
  3. Toyota Corolla/Matrix
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Honda CR-V
  6. Toyota RAV4
  7. Nissan Altima
  8. Ford Escape
  9. Chevrolet Equinox
  10. Ford Fusion

Interestingly,, one of the top car information and pricing sites, lists the top 10 “most researched” cars as follows:

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Toyota Highlander
  3. Honda CR-V
  4. Mazda CX-5
  5. Subaru Forester
  6. Mazda MAZDA3
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  8. Ford Escape
  9. Ford Mustang
  10. Toyota RAV4

So it would appear, although several of the best selling cars are also on the “most researched” list, that many researchers decided not to go with some of those vehicles, in particular the Mazda, Subaru, and Jeep models.

But it’s also interesting that best sellers such as the Toyota Camry, the top selling car every month, Honda Civic, and Nissan Altima are not on the research list. Maybe the reputations of those vehicles is so wide-spread that those who buy feel no need to research. But another contributing factor is brand loyalty. Toyota and Honda owners tend to come back and buy the model or same brand every time they need a new car. They don’t need to do research to know what they want next time.


If you are in the market for a new car, don’t know which car would be best for you, and don’t have much time to do a lot of research, you can always be safe in buying a model that’s on the Top 10 list, and take advantage of the research and wisdom of the buyers who made them popular.


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