Predicting Future Best Car Deals

best car dealsAs any reader of this web site knows, new car incentives come and go, month to month. A particular car make and model can have great incentives one month and none the next.

So what is going on that makes it work like this? Can we somehow predict when good incentives will be offered, and on what brands and models?

Yes, we can, with some degree of accuracy, predict car deals in the near future. However, we can’t say exactly how good the deals will be.

We base our predictions on what the car industry calls “days supply.” When cars are built at the factories, there are expectations as to how fast those cars will sell at dealers. They like to have about 60 days of supply in the pipeline or on dealers’ lots to make sure they have enough to feed demand.

However, as it happens sometimes, sales don’t happen as fast as expected and supplies pile up — up to 90 or even 120 days supply.  Not good. Too many cars. The car companies must find a way to increase sales to reduce the over-supply problem. New incentives are often the answer. Make the deals attractive enough and sales will increase, which reduces supply. Problem solved.

So if we know which vehicles currently have a high days supply, we can reasonably predict which vehicles are, or will soon be, good deals.

Let’s take a look at those vehicles that currently have 100 or more days supply. (Data provided by Automotive News)

If you are interested in one or more of these potential car deals, it’s best that you first check with Edmunds to determine just how good the deals are on those vehicles. You’ll receive discounted price offers from one or more dealers. The deals will include any incentives currently being offered by manufacturers.


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