What Car Should I Buy?

“What car should I buy?” is a common buyer’s question, particularly from people who don’t spend a lot of time reading car reviews, visiting dealer showrooms, or who don’t buy cars very often. There are so many makes and models, many of which are very similar in appearance and specifications.

Then, of course, we all have our own unique likes, dislikes, priorities, and needs. For some, cost is most important. For others it might be safety or reliability, or comfort, or style, or performance.

But for many people, a car is simply a way to get from point A to point B. These people are simply looking for the best vehicle to do the job at the lowest cost.

We can recommend  a few cars that we feel are the best overall — best combination of value, reliability, safety, perforamnce, style, and economy of operation. Even if you don’t particularly like our recommendations, you can use our vehicles as a basis of comparison for any other vehicle you might prefer more. For example, if you need more passenger space than our vehicles, what do you have to give up, if anything, to get that space? What if you need an SUV instead of a car? Is the possible reduction in fuel economy important to you?

Here are recommended vehicles. If you have no particular preferences and simply want a good vehicle for good money, you should consider these first.

Compact Car Recommendations

Honda Civic – This car is one of our perennial favorites. It has classic Honda quality and reliability at relatively low cost. It comes in various styles, all of which look good and perform well.

Ford Focus – This is an overall great little car. Ford has come a long way in building cars with quality and reliability comparable with Honda and Toyota, usually for less money. The Focus has outstanding safety ratings.

Toyota Corolla – This impressive little Toyota sedan has great looks, quality, performance, and safety. It looks good, is comfortable, and roomy inside. It doesn’t get much better.

Mazda3 – This is another of our all-time favorites because it has a great balance of everything you want from a car, plus it’s really fun to drive.

Mid-Size Car Recommendations

Honda Accord – If you need a little more room and a little more performance, the Accord has the same Honda characteristics as the Civic. Honda provides standard luxury features for which you would have to pay thousands more in other brands.

Hyundai Sonata – The new Sonata is one of the new breed of overall great cars. It has style, performance, and all the other basics you would expect from a good car. The best news is the cost. You won’t find many other cars that give you the quality and features of the Sonata at the price.

Ford Fusion – The Fusion is another example of Ford’s achievements in quality and reliability improvement. It’s right in there with Honda and Toyota. In fact, the Fusion was selected by Motor Trend magazine as the 2010 Car of the Year.

Toyota Camry – This car has been the most popular car in America for years — for good reasons. You just can’t buy a better car for the money. It has a near-perfect balance of style, comfort, performance, and handling.

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